Earthrise Law Center Bookmark

Designed for Earthrise Law Center, 2018 summer internship. Click the photo to see both sides.


Earthrise Poster

Informational poster designed for Earthrise Law Center, 2018 summer internship.

EPA Finalizes Roll Back on Clean Water Rule

September 12, 2019 for KBOO Evening News. EPA Finalizes Roll Back on Clean Water Rule Alix Soliman 0:00 Today, the Environmental Protection Agency repealed a rule under the Clean Water Act that was intended to restrict agricultural runoff from polluting streams and wetlands. Known as the waters of the United States rule, or WOTUS, it... Continue Reading →

My EcoType: How I think about ‘the environment’ after studying it for 4 years

My Survey Results "Thank you for recently completing our EcoTypes survey. Here is your personalized report, calculated from your responses. If you’d like more information to better understand this report or the EcoTypes initiative, go to the EcoTypes website (   You responded to four statements from each of fourteen EcoTypes axes. Most of these axes... Continue Reading →

Now What? Thinking About The Next 5 Years

Year 1: Explore This summer, I will continue working at the law school as the assistant to the director of marketing and communications. In this role, I write, edit, and help design the annual law school magazine, Advocate. I also maintain the law school website, write institutional articles, and design outreach materials for the different... Continue Reading →

Madlib Round 3: Simplifying My Argument

So, here’s the big thing I’m pondering: Are the current laws and policies for managing this vital common sustainable, and will they be strong or adaptive enough to combat the impacts of climate change? Listen, this is super important because: Life in the sea is jeopardized by a dangerous combination of rising temperatures due to... Continue Reading →

All Hands on Deck! Getting Back into it

Coming back from a concussion, I’ve had to reorient myself to my capstone and do a bit of backtracking to remember the logic behind my methods in the first place. I was better able to see where I wasn’t being clear, which is enormously helpful. My methods section is better justified and I’ve reorganized how... Continue Reading →

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