Now What? Thinking About The Next 5 Years

Year 1: Explore

This summer, I will continue working at the law school as the assistant to the director of marketing and communications. In this role, I write, edit, and help design the annual law school magazine, Advocate. I also maintain the law school website, write institutional articles, and design outreach materials for the different programs. I also plan to find volunteer opportunities in the Portland community — either working with kids or outside (or both!) Come September 3, I will fly to London and travel Europe for a few months. During this time, I will focus on writing and networking to expand on my thesis and venture to Ireland. My goal is to either work on a commercial fishing vessel in Ireland so that I can write from experience, or else I will conduct lengthy interviews with the relevant actors on the Irish fishing scene. When I return from Europe, I will get a job doing pretty much whatever, whenever. As my main skill is writing and editing for publications, I hope to do something journalism-related, but I’m open to most positions. This year is about trying new things and going different places, not about overplanning.

Year 2: Figure it Out

After basically chilling out for a year, I’ve got to figure out my next steps. I will have thought and written quite extensively about who I would like to become and how to get there by that point, and will pursue an entry level job doing that thing. Right now, I’m weighing the following fields, which will lead to the associated job preferences

  • Environmental Law & Policy: entry level research/writing position or an executive assistant position at an environmental policy think tank
  • Journalism: freelance for several publications and/or get an entry level reporting job at a local newspaper/magazine
  • Science Education: naturalist at a summer camp, science experiment leader at an afterschool program
  • Conservation: any position working for a national or state park or conservation-focused NGO

Year 3: Next Moves

Among the 4 options above, I will have done some of them and decided which I would like to pursue as my main career. Thus, I will either grow in that job (at the company I’m with at the time or apply elsewhere) or I will apply to grad schools/training programs in that field. I am confident that no matter what I end up pursuing, all of the options will draw upon my ENVS degree – and the fields themselves inform each other. In true ENVS spirit, I will use my ability to cross disciplines in order to scale up and out, giving me a competitive edge in the job market (I hope).  

Year 4 & 5: Keep on Keepin’ on

These are the years where I’ll be in grad school or a training program, simply doing the thing I picked.

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