About Me

Hello and welcome to my site!

This domain serves as the publicly accessible portfolio of my work and progress as a journalist, aspiring environmental advocate, and life-long student. Feel free to explore my syntheses of assigned and chosen readings, research projects and essays, articles, design projects, and commentary on all things environmental.

The photo above was taken in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand by my friend and excellent photographer Blake Ashby. It exhibits how I best like to see myself: a minuscule speck observing an immense and magnificent world.

I’m originally from the southwest Chicago suburbs and moved to Portland, Oregon for college in 2015. I earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies (ENVS) from Lewis & Clark College in May, 2019. In the wildly broad field of ENVS, I chose to concentrate on the law & policy of international commons, especially oceans and climate. I have become well-versed in a range of disciplines concerning that topic, including ecology, geology, international law and politics, natural resource economics, environmental philosophy, and environmental history.

At Lewis & Clark College, I was the Business Manager of the student-run newspaper, the Pioneer Log as a senior and the news editor as a sophomore and junior. In the summer of 2018, I had the privilege to intern at Earthrise Law Center at Lewis & Clark Law School, where I engaged with experts in my chosen field and learned about the inner workings of environmental litigation. Also at the law school, I work as the assistant to the director of marketing and communications to design outreach materials, write institutional articles, edit institutional publications, and maintain the website.

In my free time, I enjoy skiing, bouldering, hiking, camping, kayaking, creative writing, reading, cooking, and volunteering in my community.

I am currently seeking employment in the fields of journalism and/or conservation. Please take a look at my LinkedIn and contact me directly for further inquiries.






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