Environmental Coursework

This is an index of courses I have taken as an undergraduate at Lewis & Clark College that are relevant to my environmental studies major. Click the links to view course descriptions and work completed.

Core Courses

These courses are the foundation of my major, building on one another each year.

  1. ENVS 160: Introduction to Environmental Studies
  2. ENVS 220: Environmental Analysis
  3. ENVS 330: Situating Environmental Problems and Solutions
  4. ENVS 400: Capstone

Concentration Courses

These are the courses I chose to form my concentration, Commons in International Environmental Law & Policy. 

  1. PHIL 101: Logic
  2. POLS 305: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
  3. IA 340: International Political Economy
  4. IA 348: Global Order
  5. ENVS 460: Topics in Environmental Law and Policy
  6. LAW 534: International Environmental Law

Other Environmental Courses

Some of these courses were required to fulfill the ENVS major, while others were electives or were taken during my semester studying in New Zealand.

  1. GEO 150: Environmental Geology
  2. BIO 141: Ecology and the Environment
  3. BIO115: Explorations in Regional Biology, New Zealand Flora & Fauna
  4. IS 240: New Zealand Environment, Society & Natural Resource Management
  5. IA 257: Global Resource Dilemmas
  6. PHIL 215: Philosophy and the Environment
  7. ECON 260: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 
  8. HIST 261: Global Environmental History 


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