Projects & Essays

“The Powers That be in the Irish Sea: An Assessment of Fisheries Policy.” Final Thesis completed May 2019 for ENVS 400: Capstone in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, presented at Festival of Scholars.

“Do Constitutional Procedural Rights Succeed in Protecting the Interests of Criminal Defendants?” Final essay completed May 2019 for POLS 305: American Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties.

“Perceptions of Imidacloprid in Pacific County, WA.” Final research project and presentation completed May 2016 for ENVS 330: Situating Environmental Problems and Solutions, awarded for best poster.

“Hot and Bothered: Will China Lead a Low-Carbon Revolution?” Final Economist style essay co-written with Noah Hartnett December 2017 for IA 340: International Political Economy.

“Pushing the Peak: The Implications of Trump’s Executive Order, ‘Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.'” Final essay and presentation completed December 2017 for Econ 260: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. 

“Cotton Controversy in India.” Final research project and presentation completed December 2016 for ENVS 220: Environmental Analysis, awarded for best poster, presented at Lewis & Clark College Festival of Scholars 2017.

“Consumer Narratives: Perspectives of Meat in the US.” Final solutions project and presentation completed May 2016 for ENVS 160: Introduction to Environmental Studies, awarded for best poster.

“Moral and Evolutionary Implications of Enclosure: Comparing Locke, Rousseau, Darwin, and Leopold.” Essay completed December 2017 for Hist 261: Global Environmental History.

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